88 minutes

On the island Tiengemeten fertile agricultural soil has been reshaped to wild nature for recreational use. The film shows the changing landscape from a personal poetic perspective, with temporality and transitoriness as central themes.

The island Tiengemeten was once reclaimed from the sea and reshaped to provide fertile agricultural land. In the 1990s a decision was made to let the vagaries of nature loose on the island.
Making plans, finding replacement farms for the farmers and finding financing took ten years. In 2006 the “reshaping” of the island was started. The asphalt roads were dug up to make way for creeks, trees were felled and new trees were planted, old dikes were removed and new ones created. Digna Sinke follows the changes in the landscape over a period of 13 years, also recollecting the changes in her own life. The signifying themes of the film are temporality and transitoriness.

script & direction: Digna Sinke
camera: Jan Wich, Goert Giltaij, Maarten Kramer, Marc Homs, Peter Brugman, Paul van den Bos, Jaap Veldhoen
sound: Tom d’Angremond, Sander den Broeder, Menno Euwe, Erik Langhout, Jan Wouter van Reijen, Wouter Veldhuis, Albert Elings
editing: Albert Elings
sound design: Marc Lizier / Klink
image post-production: Filmmore
laboratory: Cineco
producer: Digna Sinke / SNG Film

this film is financially supported by:
Netherlands Film Fund
Thuiskopie Fonds
Dutch Cultural Media Fund

Festival International du Film d’Environnement, Parijs 2010: Prize for Best Documentary
Filmfestival Der neue Heimatfilm, Freistadt 2011: Prize for Best Documentary
Filmfestival Eberswalde 2012: nomination Best Documentary