When trimming the 50 yard long privet hedge along the garden on Veerdiek I found an old pair of glasses buried deep inside it. They could only have belonged to my grandfather. I could picture him taking them off when working in the garden and hanging them on a branch for a minute. Then being unable to find them and going home. It was most likely in early spring, when the hedge isn’t that full yet, and the glasses got overgrown not long after.

I can’t throw away something like this, half decayed plastic from the 1950’s, little copper screws turned green, the frame mended once before with some copper wire.

These glasses were found on 8 March, 1986, when trimming the hedge on the Veerdiek in Zonnemaire. Possibly my grandfather – C. A. Lijk – hung them on a branch sometime during the 1950’s, then forgot them.

This object has a label on the back saying Archeology Nr. 1986-1.