53 minutes

The asphalt roads are dug up to creeks, the dike is cut, the farms are given a new destination. Will man succeed in making nature? Nature that is also fit for recreation?

NEW TIENGEMETEN is the third (independent) part of a documentary series about Tiengemeten, the last remaining island in the south-western delta of the Netherlands. Digna Sinke started shooting on the island in October 1996. Then five farmers still resided there. In the first part we see how fertile ground is used for agriculture and how the plans for new nature take shape.
The second part covers the period 2001-2006. For nearly all the farmers a replacement business has been found. Only the farm of the brothers Vos is still on the island. It takes five years to find financing for the realisation of the plans, and for Vos to start a new farm elsewhere.
The third part begins with what has been called the “reorganisation”, after the departure of the brothers Vos. The island is taken over by diggers, changing the landscape drastically. When the work is done, nature – supervised – can run its course. On beautiful days the visitors come in flocks.


script & direction: Digna Sinke
camera: Jan Wich, Jaap Veldhoen
sound: Tom d’Angremond, Menno Euwe, Erik Langhout, Albert Elings
editing: Albert Elings
sound design: Marc Lizier /Klink
producer: Digna Sinke

the film was made with support from:
Netherlands Film Fund
Thuiskopie Fonds
Dutch Cultural Media Fund