BOUNDARIES - Digna Sinke


BOUNDARIES (GRENZEN) explores the boundaries of a garden and what grows there in a personal, poetic way, but ultimately ends up exploring the filmmaker’s own internal boundaries.


BOUNDARIES (GRENZEN) is a short personal film that initially seems to be about the boundaries of my garden in Zonnemaire (Zeeland), but gradually develops into a diary-like confession about the boundaries within myself. The images are associatively strung together. In addition to images of my garden in Zonnemaire, you can see how the flood rises in the Westerschelde, and how the sun casts shadows in the Vondelpark. I made some of the images in Punta Prima on Menorca, where Marion Hänsel (†2020) invited me in 2019 (together with Anne Van de putte) to stay in her house.

I see the film as part of what I call my archiving project. For years I have been recording something ranging from old wallpaper to my own feelings. And I put a label on it: Archiving, with the year and a number.

When curator Kees de Valk asked me for an exhibition in the Bewaerschole (Haamstede), with the theme Changing boundaries, meandering between order and chaos, I thought that in addition to photos, objects and paintings, I should also show a film. During the lockdown I was able to work on that quietly. Direction, camera, sound, music, editing: I did everything myself, knowing that imperfection has its own beauty.