BALCONY SCENES | 15th October 2000

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On Sunday 15th October 2000 the manifestation BALCONY SCENES ( SPEECH AMONG THE FLOWERPOTS) took place in the town of Apeldoorn, Sjaak Langenberg’s project. From eight different balconies Hans Aarsman, Kader Abdolah, Vincent Bijlo, Wim Cuyvers, Piet Meeuse, Hans Venhuizen, Bart Vos and I (Digna Sinke) delivered a speech. I got to stand on the balcony of the Vosselmanstraat police station.

It was a special occasion, not in the least because a large group of people became a curious company of city dwellers. It was a grey day in October. At the end of the afternoon it even began to drizzle a bit. But there was an enchanting variety in balconies, in speakers and in what was said.

(In the meantime Sjaak Langenberg has launched his own website where you can find information on this project. Go to:

*I wrote this text in 2000. Of the buildings in Apeldoorn I described not many are left today. If I had too much time, I should walk through the entire town with my all my local sugar packets to see which buildings are still standing.


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